2020 New Mexico SRM Officers


Marshal Wilson

Directory of Biosecurity

New Mexico Department of Agriculture

E-mail: mwilson@nmda.nmsu.edu

President Elect:

Megan Boatright

Rangeland Conservationist

New Mexico State Land Office

E-mail: mboatright@slo.state.nm.us

Past President:

Brenda Simpson

CNTSC Rangeland Management Specialist

USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service

Fort Worth, TX

E-mail: brenda.simpson@usda.gov

Director (Position 1, 2020-2021)

Robert Crane

Natural Resources Conservation Services

E-mail: robert.crane@usda.gov

Director (Position 2, 2020-2021)

Nick Padilla

U.S. Forest Service


Director (Position 3, 2020)

Jessica Yates

Natural Resources Conservation Services

E-mail: jessica.yates@usda.gov

Director (Position 4, 2019-2020)

Richard Bonine, Jr.

Rangeland Program Manager

Pueblo of Laguna

E-mail: rbonine@lagunapueblo-nsn.gov


Doug Cram

New Mexico State University

E-mail: dcram@nmsu.edu


Nathan Combs

Bureau of Land Management

Awards Chair:



Membership Chair:

John Tunberg

Tunberg Resources, LLC

E-mail: tunbergresources@comcast.net

Newsletter Editor

Dave Stricklan

Research Assistant & Range Club Advisor

New Mexico State University

E-mail: daves58@nmsu.edu

NMSU Range Club President

Eli Mines